Fairy Museum

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A Fairy Museum - Fine Arts and Literature

Fairies from all over the British Isles gather together by the side of Lake Numazawa, which is surrounded by forests. In the Fairy Museum, you can enjoy many paintings, illustrations, books of fairy tales, dolls and other materials related to fairies. Various types of fairies -lovely flower spirits, wood and water spirits, ranging from good luck fairies to mischievous elves - all are on display here, including impish Puck and the Fairy Queen herself, beautiful Titania.
By sharpening our senses, "0 world invisible, we view thee"
Francis Thompson (1859 - 1907)
[Fairy Aerial]
from "Tempest" by Shakespeare
Painted by: William Bell Scott
(UK) 1811-1890

[Cradling Lilies]
Painted by: Maria Spilsbury

[The Bewitched Piper]
(1882) Water painting
Painted by: William Holmes Sullivan